LIF Journal

LIF Journal

Language in Focus

International Journal of Studies In Applied Linguistics and ELT


Language in Focus International Journal of Studies in Applied Linguistics and ELT (LIF Language in Focus) published by De Gruyter is a journal in which high quality articles and book reviews written by native and non-native English speaking researchers from the field of Applied Linguistics will be published.


The journal’s scope is to inform and stimulate discussions relevant to Applied Linguistics, which is a field of academic enquiry that deals with the theoretical and empirical investigation of real issues in which language is in focus. These issues range from aspects of linguistics, first or second language acquisition, literacy, language disorders, foreign language learning / teaching, bilingual education/CLIL, multilingualism over interactional issues of interpersonal and intercultural communication to language variation, linguistic discrimination, language policy etc.

The journal, which will be published online twice a year, is designed to appeal to anyone with a serious interest in the above field including academics / researchers, PhD students, consultants, teachers, etc. giving them the chance to publish their work.