Sylviane Granger

She is the founder of the Centre for English Corpus Linguistics, of which she was Director for over 25 years. In 1990 she launched the International Corpus of Learner English (ICLE) project, which has grown to contain learner writing by learners of English from a wide range of mother tongue backgrounds and is the result of collaboration from a large number of universities internationally. Since then she has played a key role in defining the different facets of the field of learner corpus research. Her current research interests focus on issues of learner corpus design and annotation, the analysis of phraseology in learner language with a particular focus on academic phraseology and the integration of learner corpus insights into reference and instructional materials. She has written widely on these topics and gives frequent invited talks, seminars and workshops to stimulate learner corpus research and promote its application to materials design and development. Her recent book publications include Phraseology: An Interdisciplinary Perspective (Granger & Meunier 2008), Phraseology in Foreign Language Learning and Teaching (Meunier & Granger 2008) Electronic Lexicography (Granger & Paquot 2012), Twenty years of Learner Corpus Research (Granger et al. 2013) and The Cambridge Handbook of Learner Corpus Research (Granger et al. 2015). She is the President of the Learner Corpus Association