Speakers - David Marsh

David Marsh

Keynote Speaker

One of the fathers of CLIL.  The term CLIL was coined by David Marsh.  He has worked on multilingualism & bilingual education since the 1980s in Europe and South-east Asia. He coordinated the European team which launched the concept Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) as a Europe-wide educational initiative in 1994. In 2002, he led production of CLIL – The European Dimension: Actions, Trends and Foresight Potential for the European Commission which was used in the compilation of the 2004-2006 EC Action Plan: Promoting Language Learning & Linguistic Diversity.  Born in Australia, educated in the UK and based in Finland, he also has experience of teacher development, educational capacity-building, research and consultancy in a range of different countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and South America. His fields of specialized operations include special educational needs (European Commission 2003-2004), competence-building in bilingual education (higher education 2004-2010), languages and evidence-base building within the neurosciences (European Commission 2008-2010), and establishment of primary school-based operations (Emirates 2009-2011).  He was awarded a joint commendation by the English-Speaking Union in 2008, and the 2009 Estonian Education Sciences Award for Applied Didactics. Having published extensively he is co-author of Uncovering CLIL, Macmillan (2008), and Content and Language Integrated Learning, Cambridge University Press (2010).